star4star4star4star4 "Truly impressive."
-- The Times Colonist, Canada

star4star4star4star4 "It's really a magic show disguised as a 1940s gumshoe detective story, but Tim Motley pulls it off with style."
-- The Star Phoenix, Canada

star4star4star4star4 “Very funny.”
Global TV, Edmonton, Canada

star4star4star4star4 “ It’ll have you on the edge of your seat for the entire performance, and leave you wanting to go back and see it again.”
Indie Adelaide, Australia

"Complexity and sophistication... wonderful wordplay."
-- The Orlando Weekly, FL, USA

"Tim Motley shines in this film noir/comedy routine/magic show... a great performance that had the audience laughing from start to finish."
-- Capital Critics' Circle, Canada

-- The Advertiser, Australia

-- Edmonton Sun, Canada

"I enjoyed every second of the show, and was disappointed to have it end."
-- Adelaide ArtBeat
, Australia

"If we gave stars here in Orlando, he'd get five of them."
-- Ink 19, USA

"A winner from start to finish!"
-- The West Australian

"It's an entertaining, fast-paced show that flips our expectations on their heads."
-- The Ottawa Citizen, Canada

"Dirk Darrow: NCSSI is a funny and impressive one-man show."
-- Perth Now, Australia

"The bits of magic and overall noir spoof work so well... Imagine Penn and Teller as Sam Spade's bastard offspring."
-- CVV Magazine, Canada

“In a world of crime, laughter is good, so... investigate Dirk Darrow before his number’s up.”
­‐ Rip It Up, Australia

"As quick with a joke or an ad-lib as he is with a bit of sleight of hand.
-- Visitorium, Canada

  • “I enjoyed every second of the show, and was disappointed to have it end.”
    Adelaide ArtBeat, Australia
  • "Part Sam Spade, part David Blaine, and a sprinkling of Leisure Suit Larry... It's pretty much a guaranteed good time."
    -- Fully Fringed, Canada

    "Consistently entertaining."
    -Orlando Sentinel, USA

    "What sells the show is Tim Motley's charisma and how he manages to fully engage the audience."
    -- Monday Magazine, Canada

  • “Spectacular sleight of hand and mental tricks.”
    -- RHUM, Australia